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Welcome to SCANCOR at Stanford!

There are many wonderful aspects about life here – the weather is temperate year-round, we are 45 minutes from the Pacific Ocean and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world; north of us is San Francisco, a breathtakingly lovely city, and south of us is the coastal stretch California along Highway 1.

Stanford University is one of the finest educational institutions in the world and SCANCOR is situated in the middle of it. Our current offices are in the Center for Educational Research at Stanford (CERAS), part of Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. CERAS is a light-filled atrium building and the facility has a decidedly Scandinavian accent, offering dedicated desks for visitors as well as drop-in desks, a full kitchen, a prominent seminar room and a welcoming lobby library. As always, SCANCOR visitors are welcome to work and study all over the Stanford campus.

Appointments at SCANCOR Stanford are intended to serve the strengthening of the international organizational research community and all appointments are residential fellowships, meaning that visitors are expected to be in residence at SCANCOR throughout their stay. At the heart of SCANCOR is the weekly seminar in which scholars are expected and encouraged to participate, while also given time to engage in their own ongoing research.

Appointments are typically for one or two Stanford quarters (maximum one academic year). Longer stays are generally encouraged. Visiting Scholar appointments do not provide monetary perquisites.

Predoctoral visitors to SCANCOR are appointed to Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) status at Stanford University. VSRs maintain a visiting student researcher non-matriculated student status.


US federal government regulations require Visiting Scholars and VSRs  to obtain J1 visas for the period of residence at SCANCOR. The US federal government also requests proof of funding for the time of the visit and proof of sufficient proficiency in the English language such as a TOEFL score (or equivalent test of 89 or higher, or signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school

Stanford charges a monthly tuition fee for VSR status.  There are also health insurance charges. SCANCOR does not provide housing.

Danish and Finnish applicants must be affiliated with one of the SCANCOR member institutions in those countries (see Funders for more information).

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Prashant Loyalka

Prashant is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Education and a Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University.

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Patricia Bromley

Patricia Bromley is Associate Professor in Stanford’s Graduate School of Education (GSE), Sustainability and (by courtesy) Sociology at Stanford University. She is Director of the Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research (2022-) and Co-Director of the

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