Stanford — Postdoc

Angelos Kostis

Angelos Kostis is a Postdoctoral Scholar at SCANCOR, GSE, Stanford University. He has been an Assistant Professor at Umeå University and active member of the SCDI AI Business Lab in Sweden. His research interests lie in processes of organizing digital transformation and the integration of emerging digital technologies in less digitally mature contexts. Angelos has increasingly focused on the notion of datafied workplaces and the involvement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in shaping organizational dynamics. From a process perspective, he endeavors to unravel the evolving relations and functions associated with AI development and use, and to shed light on how contemporary work environments are increasingly shaped and re-shaped by the pervasive integration and utilization of data. His projects look at data work undertaken by domain experts in contexts such as agriculture, manufacturing, forestry, and education. During his time at Stanford, he is affiliated also to the WTO group in MS&E and is working on a research project looking at digital agriculture and data work in dairy farms, under the mentorship of Pamela Hinds. Angelos holds a Ph.D. in Business administration from Umeå School of Business, Sweden, obtained in October 2020. His research has appeared in journals, such as Organization Studies, California Management Review, and European Management Journal.