April 15th 2024

Congratulations to our 2024 SCANCOR Small Grants Winners!

The three recipients are all students at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education


These three recipients each received a small grant on behalf of SCANCOR to aid in their specific research projects.

Yue Jia

Belonging is fundamental for human well-being and cognitive performance, showing significant positive effects in educational settings through initiatives that improve students’ sense of belonging, especially among marginalized groups. However, translating these successful interventions to the workplace is challenging due to professional complexities, prompting research into workplace belonging. Her study focuses on workplace belonging, aiming to understand its essence and cultural variations.

Mridul Joshi

Mridul’s project aims to explore the effects of ‘edugration’ —migration driven by higher education opportunities—from Punjab to Canada on the social and economic lives of women. 

Minju Choi

Minju’s dissertation research examines major constitutional changes to the right to education for non-citizens, spanning 193 countries and territories from 1789 to 2021. She explores to what extent global norms have influenced countries to institutionalize the legal right to education for non-citizens in their national constitutions, as well as what factors explain such patterns across countries and over time.