Postdoctoral fellowship program

Since 2008, sponsoring organizations in Scandinavia have supported a small number of recent Nordic PhDs of exceptional promise to continue their training under the supervision of senior faculty members at Stanford University. SCANCOR Postdoctoral Fellows from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden have pursued their studies at Stanford in the fields of management, education, sociology, political science, and other social sciences.  The program embodies SCANCOR's ongoing commitment to connect Scandinavian social science with organizational studies at Stanford and the larger North American academic community.

SCANCOR Postdoctoral Fellowships deepen the skills necessary for international careers in the social sciences, specifically cutting-edge methodological knowledge and the ability to write for English-language journals.

Fellows are affiliated with particular disciplinary departments and/or schools at Stanford as well as with SCANCOR.  While fellows have time to pursue their own lines of scholarship, they also collaborate with Stanford researchers and are expected to conduct scholarly work tandem with their Stanford faculty mentors.