Sentenced to Life!

Tricia Bromley is now a tenured Associate Professor at Stanford. A frequent presenter at our speaker series, Tricia has an impressive body of scholarship at the intersection of organizational and comparative sociology. She has published in leading journals in sociology such as the American Sociological Review and Social Forces as well as in key journals for organizational studies, including the Academy of Management Annals.  She is the co-author (with John Meyer) of Hyper-Organization  (Oxford University Press) and co-editor (with Woody Powell) of The Nonprofit Sector (Stanford University Press).  Her most recent research focuses on challenges to the global liberal order and its influence on organizations sand institutions worldwide. She is the current Posdoctoral Research Mentor to SCANCOR Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Ingrid Gustafsson (Sweden).

Moving Up!

Former SCANCOR Director (2010-2017), Mitchell Stevens is now Professor at Stanford. Mitchell has several books he has authored or edited. His most recent co-authored endeavor is Seeing The World: How US Universities Make Knowledge in a Global Era (Princeton University Press). Mitchell has published in a wide range of journals that include the European Journal of Sociology and Sociology of Education His most influential paper (with Wendy  Espeland) is "Commensuration as a Social Process” and it appeared in the Annual Review of Sociology.

Congratulations to both. Do keep in mind that in this "such a lovely place" we call Stanford, "we are programmed to receive ….but you can never leave." The SCANCOR community welcomes both of you, appreciating your past contributions and looking froward to our future efforts to nourish SCANCOR in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford.