Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen

Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen, PhD and Professor at Copenhagen Business School, where he serves as Director of imagine .. Creative Industries Research Centre. He graduated (M.Sc.) in political science and public administration from Copenhagen University and received his PhD from Copenhagen Business School in 1991. He has been visiting professor at SCANCOR, Stanford University, Harvard University, Boston College and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE). 

Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen’s research interests focus on organizational and institutional change, institutional action and agency, industry emergence and field structuring and organizational identity construction and legitimacy. Studies include cultural transformation processes in innovative firms, mergers and acquisitions in high-tech firms, diffusion and institutionalization of managerial ideas and practices in creative and knowledge-intensive firms. Recent research on changes and strategies for organizing and managing creative enterprises in the film and media field, is published in international journals and in the co-authored book: The Negotiation of Values in the Creative Industries: Fairs, Festivals and Competitive Events, (2011) Cambridge University Press.

Current Research Projects

ABC-NETWORK: An Interpretive Approach to Institutional Entrepreneurship in Organizational Analysis. Headed by associate professor Eva Boxenbaum in collaboration with professors Renate Meyer, Ann Westenholz and Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen (CBS). ABC is funded by The Research Council for Society and Business (2009- 2012).

The MEDICI project (‘Mediation, Evaluation and Digitization of Creative Industries) is concerned with the study of how existing evaluative mechanisms work within the cultural-creative industries and on how digitization and the emergence of new digital creatives are affecting this system. (2012-.

Selected publications:

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