SCANCOR Monday Seminar Series - Monday, April 30, 2018

David Westbrook, University at Buffalo, School of Law

Thinking about the University after Globalization

Time and Location: 3:00-4:30 PM, CERAS Building, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford CA 94305 (Room 123)

Academic life, both teaching and research, was long done in the context of certain understandings of "the University".  Although instantiations of the construct inevitably varied from place to place and over the years, the idea of the University demonstrated remarkable power and coherence for generations.  Following Lyotard and especially Readings, at least in the modern era (let's date "modern" from Kant's Conflict of the Faculties but much room for discussion) such understandings were intimately bound up with notions of education as the propagation of national culture and by extension politics, specifically the politics of the republican if hardly egalitarian nation state.  For a variety of reasons for which "globalization" serves as shorthand, such notions are no longer credible.  Perhaps a new day has dawned.  At any rate, the University of Culture, centered on the professor as the bearer of a tradition, has effectively been replaced by the University of Excellence, centered on the administrator, obsessed with rankings or, more crudely, brand.