The Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) category at Stanford

Pending the positive review of their applications to SCANCOR, predoctoral applicants will be invited to Stanford as Visiting Student Researchers (VSRs). PhD students who are later in their PhD program will be given greater consideration than those who have just started their program.  

Please note that Danish and Finnish applicants must be affiliated with a SCANCOR member institution in those countries.  

The SCANCOR application and review process is the same as for Visiting Scholars.  However, those applicants who are accepted to SCANCOR as VSRs will be processed and approved for admission to VSR status by the Stanford University Office of the Registrar. Visiting student researchers maintain a visiting student researcher non-matriculated student status. 

Visiting Student  Researchers must be doctoral students; any VSR appointment is valid only until the student defends the dissertation and/or receives the PhD. VSRs must come in the J1 visa category.  

VSRs must show proof that they have $4173 per month for living expenses, including the monthly VSR fee to Stanford which currently is $1062. This fee is not prorated: VSRs are charged for full calendar months even if they arrive or depart mid-month. 

The Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) appointment does not provide any monetary compensation, nor a dedicated desk, but it does offer an affiliation with SCANCOR as well as access to Stanford libraries, seminars, and resources. 

The benefits given to visiting student researchers are as follows:

 •Stanford ID card
 •Stanford computer account 
 •Library privileges
 •Access to Vaden Health Center (campus health fee applies: $203/quarter for the current 2016-17 Academic Year)
 •Cardinal Care ( $4968 per year for 2017-18, can be waived with proof of external health insurance)
 •Use of recreational facilities.

(Rates quoted are subject to change)