Current fellows

Kristiina Herold (Finland)
Sep 2016 - Aug 2018

Postdoctoral Researcher
Aalto University

Kristiina’s research focuses on social interactions in organizations. In her primary line of research, she examines how organizational secrecy impacts individuals, particularly focusing on the interplay of the brain’s "liking" and "wanting" systems. Kristiina is interested in understanding how individuals react to secrecy, and investigates the effect’s boundary conditions through trust, power and emotions. Kristiina collaborates with Professor Baba Shiv at the Graduate School of Business.

Another project Kristiina is working on concerns secrecy and strategy. By examining the effects of transparency and opacity, the research aims to identify unused opportunities and underline possible bottlenecks in organizational performance. Kristiina collaborates on this project with Professor Henri Schildt from Aalto University and Professor Karl Wennberg from Linköping University.

Jens Jungblut (Norway)
Sep 2017 - Aug 2019

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Kassel

Jens research focuses on governance of and policy-making in higher education. His primary research project addresses the governance of university medical schools. Using a neo-institutional perspective, Jens examines university medical schools as boundary organizations that are positioned at the intersection of several organizational fields (the market, the state, the academic profession, the medical profession) as well as organizations that are linked both to the higher education as well as the healthcare sector. His project studies how they structure their governance, how they are embedded in the different organizational fields, and which mechanisms are used to handle conflicts as well as how central institutional actors perceive their role within the organization. Jens collaborates with Professor Francisco Ramirez at the Graduate School of Education.

Another project Jens is involved in examines the quality of governance in higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa. This project is a collaboration with Prof. Peter Maassen from the University of Oslo. The project focuses on changes in the governance of Sub-Saharan African higher education and aims to establish links between changes in the governance and the productivity of higher education institutions in the region.

Julia Kirch Kirkegaard (Denmark)
Sep 2017 - Aug 2019

Postdoctoral Researcher
Technical University of Denmark

Mathias Wullum Nielsen (Denmark)
Sep 2015 - Sep 2017

PhD Fellow
Aarhus University

Mathias Wullum Nielsen is a postdoctoral fellow in Gendered Innovations at the Department of History. His research focuses on how gender-related changes in science demographics and shifts in knowledge production are connected. More specifically, he is interested in teasing out the potential links between women’s increasing participation in academic medicine and historical developments in the topics addressed and knowledge produced in biomedical science.

 Mathias collaborates with Professor Londa Schiebinger. In addition to his own project, he is involved in the ongoing efforts of the Gendered Innovations project in developing practical methods of sex and gender analysis stimulating gender responsible research in a wide range of science and technology fields.