SCANCOR Symposium on Institutional Analysis 2017


WU VIENNA, 09:30h – 12:30h



Monday, September 11th (AD Sitzungsaal 1)
Organizations, Institutions and Change
Walter W. Powell (Stanford University)
Renate E. Meyer (WU Vienna & CBS)

Tuesday, September 12th (AD Sitzungsaal 1)
Civil Society Institutions
Sarah Soule (Stanford University)
Michael Meyer (WU Vienna)

Wednesday, September 13th (LC Clubraum)
Management as both Profession and Institution
Patricia Bromley (Stanford University)
Silviya Svejenova (CBS & WU Vienna)

Thursday, September 14th (AD Sitzungsaal 1)
Institutions and Crises
Bruce Carruthers (Northwestern University)
Markus Höllerer (WU Vienna & UNSW Sydney)

Friday, September 15th (LC Clubraum)
How Local are Global Institutions?
Gili Drori (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Giuseppe Delmestri (WU Vienna)

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