Welcome to the SCANCOR alumni pages

Our alumni network provides a forum for interaction among our international community of scholars. 

This website is one way share experiences and facilitate communication about ongoing research and initiatives among scholars before, during and  after their visits. Alumni organize workshops, lunches and seminars as a way to stay in touch and inform others about the organization.

If you are interested in being involved with the alumni groups, please contact your national representative: 

Denmark: Christine Isakson, isakson@stanford.edu
Finland: Sampo Tukiainen, sampo.tukiainen@aalto.fi 
Norway: Jostein Askim, jostein.askim@stv.uio.no
Sweden: Katarina Larsen, katarina.larsen@abe.kth.se

Europe: Uli Meyer, uli.meyer@tu-berlin.de